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Studieau enjoys working with passionate, creative people to solve problems. If you have an interesting project — big or small, commercial or personal — Studieau is always on the lookout for people to collaborate with. Please get in touch.

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A network of talent and influence on one simple homepage


  • Fellt


  • Art Direction
  • Blog Redesign
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  • Front-end Development

Rebuilding a fashion network with style and influence

FELLT is Australia's biggest fashion blogging network — home to a mix of photographers, models, stylists, journalists, publishers and bloggers alike. Studieau collaborated with Sydney Stockholm to redesign and rebuild the FELLT network.

Interfaces, Experiences, Mobile & more...

Studieau is a creative space — a humble multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on Art Direction & Digital Design. We love to collaborate with passionate people — combining design thinking, creativity and smart technologies to solve unique problems. Studieau is day by day, pixel by pixel, working with bespoke brands of various sizes and industries to create and grow unique ideas.

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Digital Design

Art Direction